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Deluxe Hood. Plush full length academic hoods Deluxe Academic Hood. Finest Quality Made in USA

Deluxe Academic  Hood.
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Deluxe Academic Hood. Finest Quality Made in USA

  • What are the academic standards for a hood?
  • Shell Color. Black, in all cases.
  • Length. The length of the hood worn for the bachelor's degree must be three feet, for the master's degree three and one-half feet, and for the doctor's degree, four feet. The hood worn for the doctor's degree only shall have panels at the sides.
  • Linings. The hoods are to be lined with the official color or colors of the college or university conferring the degree; more than one color is shown by division of the field color in a variety of ways, chevron or chevrons, equal division, etc. The various academic costume companies maintain complete files on the approved colors for various institutions.
  • Trimmings. The binding or edging of the hood is to be velvet or velveteen, two inches, three inches, and five inches wide for the bachelor's, master's, and doctor's degrees, respectively; the color should be indicative of the subject to which the degree pertains (see above). For example, the trimming for the degree of Master of Science in Agriculture should be maize, representing agriculture, rather than golden yellow, representing science. No academic hood should ever have its border divided to represent more than a single degree.
  • Hood – Symbol of educational status. Hoods are worn over the gowns to show your achievements at commencement events. The velvet on an academic hood represents the degree earned. The lining colors of the academic hood represent the school where the degree was earned. The size of the academic hood (both the length of the hood and the width of the velvet and lining) represents whether the academic hood is a doctoral hood, master's hood, or bachelor's hood.
  • Guidelines: University regalia strictly comply with the guidelines set forth by the Committee on Academic Customs and Ceremonies, appointed in 1959 by the American Council on Education. The academic hood is comprised of a fabric shell (usually black), "degree velvet" and "school lining". The velvet of the hood represents your degree or the discipline of your doctorate.
  • In addition to the degree colors, each school generally has its own colors. These "school colors" are represented by the colors of the satin lining in the back of the hood. There are literally thousands of color combination's to combine to get what is right for your doctoral hood or whichever hood you need Master, BA… they are all different.
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