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Fabric Descriptions

Fabrics are listed in order of our recommendations

Please note that while fabrics may be machine washable, most regalia gown styles, particularly those with piping, lame accent, lined sleeves or velvet panels or trim, must be dry cleaned.

Wesley or Tissue Faille: my personal favorite, Tissue Faille (pronounced "file") is a polyester silk. It is lightweight yet strong, has a marvelous sheen and drapes like - you guessed it - silk. Machine washable. Black only.

Peachskin : A wonderfully soft and beautifully draping lightweight fabric, this polyester fabric feels like peachskin to the touch.

Tropical Wool : For those who value natural fibers, this light weight wool/dacron blend fabric has a high quality fine woolen look, although it does require more care than 100% polyester fabrics.

Dalton Crepe is our classic robe fabric, featuring a soil release finish and better snag resistance than standard crepes. A Dalton Crepe robe maintains color brightness and releases soil more fully when washed. Draping and wearing qualities are excellent, due to the two-way texturizing- both warp and fill yarns are crimped. This double texturizing is responsible for Dalton Crepe's remarkable wrinkle resistance, its elegant draping qualities and its smooth, soft appearance. Note that the fabrics above are more lightweight. Machine washable.

Venture is woven of 100% polyester Visa fibers by Milliken and is specially treated to release soil and stains during laundering. Viva is woven to be exceptionally durable. It is snag resistant, moderately wrinkle resistant, machine washable and requires little ironing, if at all. A flat-finish fabric similar to a cotton weave, Venture's weight and stiffer drape lends itself beautifully to garments requiring greater fabric body.

Pavillion : A traditional fabric with a stately appearance. This 100% polyester has a slight horizontal ribbing in the texture.

Regency Poplin : This economical fabric is a sturdy 65% fortrel and 35% cotton. Poplin robes have a stiffness that is not the best choice for a soft-draping robe, but the budget price is appealing.