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Intertwined Woven Honor Cords. Custom woven

Intertwined Woven Honor Cords Custom American Made *$4.00
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Intertwined Woven Honor Cords. These are custom made to your specifications.
  • Minimum order 12 cords.
  • These are made with 3-strands. so you can choose 2 or 3 colors. ie; red-white-royal, or 2-color navy-navy-gold
  • Depending on the look you want on the 2-color you can navy-navy-gold or gold-gold-navy
  • Honor cords are 60 inches long with 4-inch tassels on both ends
  • Tassels on the end can be Mixed or a solid color. Please specify in the text box below what your choice for tassel color(s) are. ie; mixed(Standard) or solid
  • Date drop not included but can be added
  • Custom made in USA Union shop
  • Colors: Antique-Gold Antique-Old-Gold Apricot Aqua Aquamarine Azure Beige Black Peacock-Blue Bright-Orange Bright-Gold Bronze Brown Burgundy Burnt-Orange Burnt-Umber Cadet-Blue Camouflage-Green Cardinal Carrot Cerulean-Blue Chartreuse Chestnut Citron Chocolate Cinnamon Columbia-Blue Cobalt-Blue Copper Coral Corn Cornflower-Blue Cream Crimson Dark-Green Denim-Blue Drab Dusty-Rose Emerald Emerald-Green Flax Forest-Green Fuchsia Ghost-White Gold Green Grey Hot-Pink Hunter Indigo Ivory Jade Kelly Kelly-Green Khaki Lavender Lemon-light Light-Blue Light-Grey Light-Pink Lilac Lime Lime-Green Maize Magenta Marigold Maroon Mauve Mint-Green Mustard Navy Navy-Blue Neon-Pink Neon-Green Neon-Yellow Olive Old-Gold Olive Orange Pale-Blue Peach Pink Pale-Pink Plum Powder-Blue Pure-Gold Purple Red Rose Royal Royal-Blue Russet Rust Sage Saffron Salmon-Pink Sapphire-Blue Scarlet Sea-Green Silver Sky-Blue Slate Snow Steel-Blue Tan Tangerine Teal Turquoise Ultramarine Vermilion Violet White Wine Yellow