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Patriotic Graduation Honor Cords
Patriotic Graduation Honor Cords

Red White and Blue honor cords are very recognizable amongst students, veterans, organizations and universities. These beautifully made cords are very popular for someone who has been in the armed forces; most universities recognize the cords as to someone who was prior service, or a person who is a part of ROTC, or JROTC.

No matter how this cord is represented people will always relate these cords to something patriotic. Eagle scouts are another organization that uses the cords to distinguish the achievement of graduating high school with years dedicated to achieving the Eagle Scout rank.

The French honor society uses the red, white, and blue honor cords to represent themselves, along with societe honorair de francais, a high school French honor club. This cord is possibly our most popular cord in use, without a doubt Frank bee does it again showing its true colors, RED WHITE, and BLUE.