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President Doctoral Gown
President Doctoral Gown
President Doctoral Gown 3 month lead time required. A prestigious robe for the college president or head administrator. Choose a matching velvet tam with metallic tassel and a hood with corded piping outlining the velvet to complete this distinguished regalia. It is traditional for the president to wear the colors of the school where he/she presides, rather than the school conferring the original degree earned. The academic code does not bind the college president to any particular colors, and all are entitled to a doctoral hood, whether or not a doctorate was earned.

* Choice of 7 fabrics in an assortment of colors. Velvet can be chosen from any appropriate academic color. * Lined bell sleeves in the doctoral gown tradition * FOUR velvet chevrons on each sleeve in your color, outlined with corded piping * Open full-length velvet panels in your color, trimmed with corded piping * Velvet hem band, distinguished by corded piping * Right pocket slit * Full 24" zipper closure * Distinctive braiding on the center back yoke * Riveted hook and eye at top * Average 6"-8" (ankle-length) floor clearance * Corded piping is included in the price and an integral part of the design. Choose from the bright gold color shown, or any appropriate color. * Your name or 3 initials printed on the neck label * Dry Clean