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Graduation tassels - Available in up to 3 colors, with or without a date charm.

Tassels: With or without a date charm.
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Graduation tassels
  • A memento for a job well done! Get them for yourself and for your friends
  • Gold 2-digit Year and metal band are standard
  • Minimum order of 12 pieces for 3-Color Tassels. neon colors and metallic and some 2 color)
  • Graduation-Tassel-Specifications: Graduation Tassels are 15" 1/2 in. long total length. The fringe or "tassel" being 9" in length, including the 6" 1/2 in. suspending cord or loop. Wrapped with either a silver or gold band, with matching year date attached. (Current Year-date included, gold band and 2 digit year-date always standard)
  • Intermixed Tassel- Tassel that consist of multiply colors mixed together, like confetti
  • Color Blocked Tassel- Tassels that are sectioned off, color by color.
    Graduation-Tassel-Colors: Antique-Gold-tassels Apricot-tassels Avocado-tassels Baby-Blue-tassels Baby-Pink-tassels Beige-tassels Black-tassels Black-tassels Bright-Gold-tassels Bright-Orange-tassels Bright-Red-tassels Bronze-tassels Brown-tassels Burgundy-tassels Burnt-Orange-tassels Cardinal-tassels Chartreuse-tassels Cinnamon-tassels Columbia-Blue-tassels Copper-tassels Cream-tassels Dark-Green-tassels Dark-Navy-tassels Dark-Purple-tassels Drab Emerald-Green-tassels Forest-Green-tassels Fuchsia-tassels Gold-tassels Gray-tassels Hot-Pink-tassels Hunter-Green-tassels Ivory-tassels Kelly-Green-tassels Kiwi-Green-tassels Lavender-tassels Light-Blue-tassels Lilac-tassels Lime-Green-tassels Maize l-tassels” Magenta-tassels Metallic-Bronze-tassels Metallic-Copper-tassels Metallic-Gold-tassels Metallic-Silver-tassels Mint-Green-tassels Mixed-Color-tassels Navy-Blue Neon-Green-tassels Neon-Pink-tassels Old-Gold-tassels Olive-tassels Orange-tassels Pastel-Blue-tassels Pastel-Pink-tassels Pastel-Yellow-tassels Peach-tassels Petal-Pink-tassels Pink-tassels Purple-tassels Red-tassels Rose-tassels Rose-Pink-tassels Royal-Blue-tassels Royal-Blue-tassels Sand-tassels Silver-tassels Silver-Gray-tassels Sky-Blue-tassels Tan-tassels Teal-tassels Turquoise-tassels Violet-tassels White-tassels Wine-tassels Yellow PMS-colors
  • We make our graduation tassels and honor-cords Made in the USA!
  • ANY COLOR! Custom made at our factory here in NYC
  • FAQ: Which side does my tassel go on? Before graduating, the tassel should be on your right. After graduating, it should be moved to the left.

    Don't forget we make graduation tassel-key chains keepsakes and gifts. Or... Add a little BLING! with a Rhinestone Jeweled Graduation Year-Date!