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The VIP Economy Souvenir Doctoral Gown-Academic Regalia

Academic Regalia-The VIP Economy Souvenir Doctoral Gown
Availability:Usually ships in 2-3 weeks
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Velvet Trim: 
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VIP Souvenir gowns are traditionally styled with velvet front velvet panels starting at the yoke of the gown, and finishing at the hem. They also feature full sleeves with three velvet stripes (chevrons) on each arm.

Gowns in black with black velvet are usually available for immediate shipment.

Additionally, we offer quantity discounts on these gowns. The price will depend upon the quantity of caps and gowns (sets) being purchased. Each set comes individually wrapped with a cap, gown, and tassel. Hoods and Tams sold seperately. We recommend Full Figured (Plus sized) gowns for individuals up to 5 ft 2" who are over 180 pounds; individuals up to 5' 5" who are over 220 lbs; individuals up to 5' 8" who are over 240 lbs; individuals up to 5' 11" who are over 270 lbs; or any one over 320 lbs. Additionally, heights 6' 9" or taller are considered Full Figured