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Cardinal Honor Cords

Cardinal Honor Cords
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Cardinal Honor Cords # Cords are available in solid or entwined double or triple color combination's # Designate honor graduates, a particular class, fraternities, or for specific degrees # All Colors Available # Mixed woven intertwined colors available ie: red,white,blue (Multi-colors woven are special order 24 piece minimum required (Call for price and delivery time 800-372-6523) # 2 or 3 cords can be knotted together, NO-minimum quantities required # *As low as $4.00 each Honor Societies using Red

Red has found its way into many an honor society for university and college graduations. Honor societies that use red as part of their honors regalia include: Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Omicron Nu, Lambda Pi Eta, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Omega Rho, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi Delta Phi, Pi Sigma Alpha, Sigma Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, and Theta Alpha Kappa.. There are additional honor societies that utilize red in their ceremonies. Some also use a variation on that color. If your honor society uses red, and isn't listed above, drop us an email and let us know. We can add your name to the list. This Red Color

We offer variations on reddish colors for school honor cords, Shades of red include: Burgundy, Carmine, Chestnut, Falu red, Magenta, Red-violet, Puce, Scarlet, Vermilion, Rose, Shocking Pink, Cardinal, Cerise, Crimson, Fuchsia, Mauve, Rust, Sangria, Terra cotta, Amaranth, Maroon, and Cerise

Red catches your attention. It symbolizes fire and heat, and Patriotism.

For graduate hoods and academic regalia colors, shades of red are used to designate the degrees of Communications, Divinity, Journalism, Public Health, Theology, Canon Law, Conservation, Forestry, Music, and Sacred Theology.

Hoods, stoles, and similar products are restricted to just one at a time as an addition to the remainder of the academic dress. However, honor-cords are permitted in multiples. You can use multiple sets representing two or more honor societies. There are a lot of universities and colleges that utilize two-color or three-color combination of colors intertwined, and Academic can accommodate such combination and variations