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Platinum Honor cords

Platinum Honor cords
Availability:Usually ships in 3-4 business days
Product Code:platinum

  • Cords are available in solid or entwined double or triple color combination's
  • Designate honor graduates, a particular class, fraternities, or for specific degrees
  • All Colors Available
  • Mixed woven intertwined colors available ie: red,white,blue (Multi-colors woven are special order 24 piece minimum required (Call for price and delivery time 800-372-6523)
  • 2 or 3 cords can be knotted together, NO-minimum quantities required
  • *As low as $4.00 each


    How long are our Honor Cords?

    Our Honor Cords are 60in with 4in tassels on each side

    What makes our Honor Cords special?

    Our cords are hand made. Each tassel is tied with a ball at the end, giving it a fuller and thicker look. We have cords in any color desired. No quantity is to big, nor to small.

    Why do we wear Honor Cords?

    They are awarded not only to members of honors society but also for various academic and non-academic achievements awards. Occasionally, Satin Stoles, or Medallions are given in place of cords. Mostly, they are worn with cap and gown, and sometimes with the hood in academic ceremonies and functions such as, high school or university degree candidates. Traditionally they may be worn more than one cord at the same time.