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Honor Cords for Graduation
Graduation Honor cords are 60 inches long with 4-inch tassels on both ends. Available in solid or custom made entwined double or triple color combinations.

  • Honor cords are 60 inches long with 4-inch tassels on both ends

  • Cords are available in solid or entwined double or triple color combination's

    Designate honor graduates, a particular class, fraternities, or for specific degrees

    Honor Cords are worn during the commencement ceremony. After the ceremony, the graduate presents the Honor Cords to someone who provided extraordinary help or support, i.e., parents, relatives, or mentors. Immediately after graduation, the graduate may take the honor cords from around his/her neck placing it around the neck of the recipient. More than one honor cord may be worn during the commencement, symbolizing there are multiple persons destined to receive honor cords.

    All Colors Available Mixed woven intertwined colors available ie : red,white,blue (Multicolor woven are special order 24 piece minimum required 800-372-6523

    2 or 3 cords can be knotted together, NO-minimum quantities required *As low as $4.00 each