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What To Wear Underneath Your Graduation Gown
How To Know What To Wear Underneath Your Graduation Gown

ou've got pomp, circumstance, and a gown that breathes less than asbestos-lined plastic wrap. Stay comfortable under your drapery with the nicest outfit no one will ever see.

To complete this How-To you will need:

A light, dress-code appropriate outfit Good footwear A manicure and pedicure

Step 1: Unless you're graduating from winter school in Moscow, opt for something airy. Polyester gowns can make a make a sunny day feel like an inferno, so a light fabric like cotton is your best bet.

Step 2: If you've got a light-colored gown, you'll want to steer clear of a bright t-shirt emblazoned with the logo of your favorite band it could show through. If your gown's dark or black, all bets are off.

Step 3: Unless your ceremony is super formal or casual, guys should wear a suit, or a collared shirt and tie with slacks. A nice dress or cute outfit will work for girls. Don't wear stockings. You want natural fibers that breathe.

Step 4: If you're really hell-bent on wearing your bathing or birthday suit, remember you're going to be cloaked in an itchy, hot, rented, synthetic gown for a while... and that you're just asking to get kicked out.

Step 5: For all that preparation, the only part of you people will really see are your feet. Wear some nice, recently shined shoes. Ladies, if you're going with an open toe, spring for the pedicure and get a manicure while you're at it, so your nails look good when you reach for that diploma.

Tip: If the ceremony is outside, ladies may want to opt for a flat shoe. Heels don't mix well with grass, dirt, or mud.

Step 6: If your school is strict, they may boot you from the ceremony if you're not following the dress code. Respect the rules, and if you've just got to wear a costume, try not to get caught.